diamond market in lahore

Lahore is an excellent place to buy quality diamond jewellery at a lower cost compared to other cities. Diamond jewellery here can cost as low as 50% less than those in other cities. This city offers many places to shop for diamond jewelry. Diamond is one of the most expensive stones in the world and most women plan on how much money they will need for diamond jewelry.


diamond market in lahore & Lahore escorts

You may not realize it, but the diamond market in Lahore is also home to the city’s dancing girls. Though the dancing girls are known for their prostitution activities, they are part of a long history in the city. In the Mughal era, these girls were favored by the emperors and nawabs, and were considered a symbol of Mughal culture. Their dances are reminiscent of the Mughal aesthetic, a far cry from the aesthetics of modern Bollywood films.

heera mandi escorts with diamond

Heera Mandi, or the diamond market, is a popular nightlife district in Lahore. During the British era, the district was a prostitution center. You can find beautiful girls who have been trained in dance, song, and seduction. However, it is illegal to engage in such practices, so visitors are advised to wear appropriate clothing while walking through the streets.

diamond market in lahore shahi mohalla

The streets of Shahi Mohalla are never quiet, and are rarely empty at night. Even at dusk, the restaurants and shops are packed. The revelers are mostly men. The bazaar is crowded, and music carts and popcorn vendors push their musical carts through the crowds. Amid the bustle, the streets of Shahi Mohalla are dotted with photographs of a famous actress or actor.

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